The South Wales Borderers

The South Wales Borderers has its origins in 1689. It was originally associated with Warwickshire but in 1873 its regimental depot moved to Brecon in South Wales, and in 1881 it became known officially as The South Wales Borderers.

The Regiment’s service in the Great War included action in France, China – during the invasion of the German naval base at Tsingtao –  and at Gallipoli. It counted amongst its soldiers the poet Saunders Lewis, who later was one of the founders of the Welsh Nationalist Party, Plaid Cymru.

The following battalion of the South Wales Borderers spent time in Bedford:

2/1st Brecknockshire Battalion September 1914 formed in Brecon as a home service (second line) unit. Late 1915 attached to 68th (2nd Welsh) Division at Bedford. November 1916 absorbed by 2/7th Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Wrentham.

The Great War