The Army Cyclist Corps

The Army Cyclist Corps was formed following an Army Order of November 1914. A number of cyclist units already existed at that time, some in the Territorial Force formed in or after 1908, and in addition one cyclist company had been formed in war time for each infantry division.

When the Order came into effect, all men serving with the then divisional cyclist companies were transferred into the new Army Cyclist Corps, but the Order didn’t affect the men serving in the few then existing Territorial cyclist units.

The primary roles of the cyclists were taking messages and reconnaissance. They were armed as infantry. The units that went overseas continued with those primary roles but also, when the fighting had settled more into trench warfare, spent time in trench-holding duties and general manual work.

In May and June 1916 the divisional cyclist companies were withdrawn to form a cyclist battalion for each Corps Headquarters.

The following Cyclist Company was attached to the 53rd (Welsh) Division when stationed in Bedford:

The Welsh Divisional Cyclist Company formed in May-June 1915

The 68th (2nd Welsh) Division included:

The 68th (2/1st Welsh) Divisional Cyclist Company


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