Organisation of the 68th (2nd Welsh) Division

Organisation of the 68th (2nd Welsh) Division in November 1915

Organisation in November 1915 after reorganization when all second line formations became liable for overseas service:

203rd (2nd North Wales) Brigade

2/4th (Denbighshire) Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

2/5th (Flintshire) Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

2/6th (Carnarvonshire and Anglesey) Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

2/7th (Merioneth and Montgomery) Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

204th (2nd Cheshire) Brigade

2/4th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

2/5th (Earl of Chester’s’s) Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

2/6th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

2/7th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

2/4th Battalion, The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry

205th (2nd Welsh Border) Brigade

2/1st Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment

2/2nd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment

2/3rd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment

2/1st Battalion, Herefordshire Regiment

Royal Field Artillery

2/I Welsh (H) Brigade

2/1st Glamorganshire (H) Battery

2/2nd Glamorganshire (H) Battery

2/I Welsh (H) Brigade

Ammunition Column

2/II Welsh Brigade

2/3rd Glamorganshire Battery

2/4th Glamorganshire Battery

2/1st Cardigan Battery

2/II Welsh Brigade

Ammunition Column

2/I Cheshire Brigade

2/1st Cheshire Battery

2/2nd Cheshire Battery

2/3rd Cheshire Battery

2/I Cheshire Brigade

Ammunition Column

1/IV Welsh Brigade

2/1st Monmouth Battery

2/2nd Monmouth Battery

2/3rd Monmouth Battery

1/IV Welsh Brigade

Ammunition Column

2/1st Welsh Divisional

Ammunition Column

Divisional troops

68th (2/1st Welsh)  Divisional Cyclist Company

Royal Engineers

3/1st Cheshire Field Company

68th (2/1st Welsh) Divisional Signal Company

Royal Army Medical Corps

2/1st Welsh Field Ambulance

2/2nd Welsh Field Ambulance

2/3rd Welsh Field Ambulance

Army Service Corps

68th (2/1st Welsh) Divisional Train

549th Company

550th Company

551st Company

552nd Company



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