The 68th (2nd Welsh) Division

The 2nd Welsh Division was a second line Territorial Force division, formed as a duplicate of the 53rd (Welsh) Division in January 1915. As the name suggests, the division recruited in Wales but also included units from Cheshire and Herefordshire. In August 1915, in common with all Territorial Force divisions, it was numbered as 68th (2nd Welsh) Division. There is a full description of the organisation of the Division in November 1915.

During the winter of 1917/18, the division was extensively reorganized and lost its territorial identity and thereafter was known as 68th Division.

It served on home defence duties throughout the war, whilst recruiting, training and supplying drafts to overseas units and formations. It was stationed for most of the war in East Anglia and never left the UK. It was eventually disbanded in March 1919.




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