Billets, camps & hospitals

Most soldiers were billeted with families in their homes in and around town, or in empty properties. Some were based in tented camps.


Details of the Welsh troops’ billets in Bedford are at present somewhat limited but will be expanded as new information comes to light.


The camps in and around Bedford in which the Welsh Regiments were based  include:


Howbury Hall was also home to a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) hospital.

The VAD, founded in 1909 with the help of the Red Cross and the Order of St John, was a voluntary organisation providing nursing and other services, mainly in hospitals and convalescent homes, in Britain and in other countries in the British Empire. By the summer of 1914 there were some 2,500 detachments in Britain, and at the outbreak of the Great War VAD members offered their service to the war effort. Their nicknames given by the troops included Very Adorable Darlings and the Starched Brigade.


There was also a VAD hospital in:

The Great War